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I never imagined I would connect so deeply with the group. We all played a role and it felt like we knew each other for years. I love intimate vibes so my favorite moments on the trip were when we all really connected like at the dinner or studio be or just in the hotel. I think an Airbnb would allow for even more connection but it worked out. The energy was great and we were all on the same page. That crawfish bowl was a hit and my first time having crawfish that I’m currently craving now! I loved how thoroughly this trip was planned. We didn’t have to worry about much because we had a great leader that made us feel organized and safe. Thank you for a great trip and memory I will cherish forever!!

Going to New Orleans with Black Teachers Travel was a new and great experience! This was my first trip planned by a group and it will not be my last. Everything was lit! Movie. Viral. Gllllttt. Boom 🔥💯

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