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Cheria Funches. Headshot.png

Dean of Black Teachers Travel

Cheria is originally from Boston, MA. As a Boston native, she experienced two school closures, which sparked her flame for education reform. After graduating from American University, she joined Teach for America where she had the opportunity to move to New Orleans and found her love for teaching literacy.  After leaving New Orleans, she moved to Charlotte.  While there, she spent the majority of her teacher "breaks" preparing for her students instead of engaging in self-care.  She soon realized this was not an isolated incident, her colleagues had similar experiences.  Since she loved to see new places and have new experiences, she wanted to create a way for young educators of color to connect and travel together.  She wanted to build a traveling tribe.  

This is how Black Teachers Travel was born!

Career Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in wanting to join our team but unfortunately, we currently do not have any open positions. But as we continue to expand, we will add open roles to our site. We hope you will consider working with us in the future. Click here to be considered for future roles.

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